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Challenges & Opportunities of Retrofit Projects on Offshore Platform - Presented during Oil & Gas Symposium 2004 ( 11-12 September 2004 )

  • Retrofitting of the existing platform always become unavoidable task during the life of the platform due to various reasons:
    • To enhance hydrocarbon recovery from the existing field / reservior
    • To utilize the existing platform ( with minimum required modification ) for hydrocarbon recovery from the new adjacent field
  • For the last few years, bussiness opportunity for design consultant in malaysia is moving towards retrofitting job

  • Retrofitting / Modification of existing platform can be in many ways:
    1. Installing new riser and Installing new riser and launcher / receiver from the new adjacent field
    2. Installing new facilities, such as compressor for hydrocarbon recovery enhancement from the existing field

    3. Re-drilling or installation of new conductor on the existing platform

    4. Re-built the platform ( topside )