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Computing and Drafting Facilities

MMC O&G has considerable experience with computer aided design and drafting having been involved in the development and use of the various software and tools.

We maintain an extensive range of software , including process simulations software, vessel and tank design packages, pipe stress analysis , structural analysis , 3D PDMS and BOCAD and latest AutoCad drafting packages. Specialist packages and modules are mounted on state-of-the-art hardware platforms which are all hooked up to LAN for optimisation of work.

For plant design , we are experienced in 3D PDMS for equipment and piping design and BOCAD for structural and substructures design. We are the first user of PDMS that have integrated BOCAD files into PDMS environment for clash check thru use of special protocol .We also use autoplant packages for 2D piping work which includes CADPIPE, PROPIPE AND PROISO.

Our CAD capability includes the flexibility to adopt clients standard and system and provide customisation where necessary to come up with the best design solution that will optimise project cost and schedule.