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HSE - Design of Offshore Platform , Published in Petronas Resources Magazine

It is known that oil and gas reserves offshore are abundant and, unfortunately, the field development cost is soaring as the frontiers are pushed further, but the development has to go on to search for more reserves to meet the ever hungry energy consumers. Design of new offshore oil and gas infrastructures are optimized without compromising the health and safety of personnel and the environment to ensure a value for the money investment.


To design an offshore platforms, safe to personnel and environment, it is essential to develop platform layout with the following primary objectives :

  1. Provide a designated area (i.e. Safe Haven) of a platform that does not contain any process equipment and the personnel is protected by a barrier from hazards from the remainder of the platform
  2. Orientate the platform, taking advantage of the area prevailing wind blowing direction, so that flare and vent plume (including gas turbine exhaust plume) will be
    directed away from Safe Haven
  3. Facilitate personnel escape, evacuation and rescue in the event of an emergency
  4. Locate wells, production, process and pipeline facilities to minimize the level of risk from the potential events
  5. Segregate large volume or high pressure hydrocarbon inventories to the extent practical to minimize the explosion potential
  6. Provide open, well ventilated production and process areas to minimize the possibility
    of accumulation of hydrocarbon gas which carries the explosive potential
  7. Provide locations for safe releases from flare, vent (including gas turbine exhausts) and drains systems
  8. Locate noise emitting equipment i.e rotating equipment to ensure an acceptable overall platform noise level
  9. Isolate/protect blowdown piping system from source of potential jet fire during emergency
  10. Isolate/protect cabling essential for fire & gas detection and personnel evacuation controls from source of potential fire during emergency
  11. Isolate/protect pipeline riser valves from falling objects and from source of potential explosion and flame impingement
  12. Isolate/protect boatlanding from falling objects and from source of potential explosion and flame impingement
  13. Isolate/protect helideck from flare heat and vent plume (including gas turbine exhaust plume)