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News & Events

  • Hjh. Sharifah Zaida Nurlisha – Winner TOP 50 Female Energy Player In Emerging Economies (ASIA)

    Hjh. Sharifah Zaida Nurlisha is the General Manager of projects in MMC Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn. Bhd. and also the first elected female President of the Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council (MOGSC).
    2017-06-13 10:14
  • Majlis Kesyukuran & Bacaan Yassin 2017

    Jemputan Majlis Kesyukuran dan Bacaan Yassin
    2017-05-22 14:54
  • Birthday Celebration for Staffs

    As per our proud tradition for our employees, MMCOG held its' quarterly birthday celebration and gathering for its employees for the first quarter of 2017.
    2017-05-05 10:42
  • MLNG Jewel Run 2017

    A hearty congratulations to all finishers at the recently concluded The MLNG Jewel Run 2017 was held on 21st January 2017 at University Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus.
    2017-02-27 15:36
  • CEO Info Session 2017

    successfully commemorate our Ceo Info Session 2017, which was held on 8 February 2017, Wednesday at level 1 Menara Tokyo Marine. The event started at 4.00 pm and ended at 5.30 pm.
    2017-02-15 13:18

Our services

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Pipeline Department

Engineering Report and Specification
  • Onshore Pipeline Design Basis
  • Onshore Pipeline Sizing and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Cathodic Protection Philosophy
  • Onshore Pipeline Design Report
  • Onshore Pipeline Mechanical & Stress Design Report
  • Onshore Pipeline Road Crossing
  • Onshore Pipeline Installation Study
  • Onshore Pipeline Routing Study
  • Specification for Onshore Pipeline Topographical Survey
  • Specification for 3-Layer Polypropylene External Coating
  • Specification for Heat Shrink Sleeves for Corrosion Protection of Field Girth Welds and Piping
  • Specification for Monolithic Isolating Joint
  • Specification for Pipeline Construction
  • Specification for Pipeline Fittings
  • Specification for Pipeline Flange Insulation Kits
  • Specification for Pipeline Flanges and Anchor Flanges
  • Specification for Pipeline Induction Bends
  • Specification for Polyethylene and Polypropylene Coatings for Bends & Fittings
  • Specification for Submerged-Arc Welded (SAW) Pipe to API 5L
  • Specification for Welding of Sour Service Pipelines
  • Pipeline and Riser Design Basis
  • Pipeline Routing Selection
  • Pipeline Sizing and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Pipeline CDBM & Internal Corrosion Study
  • Pipeline Collapse & Buckle Analysis
  • Pipeline In Situ Stress Analysis
  • Riser Wall Thickness & Grade Selection
  • Pipeline and Riser External Corrosion Protections Design
  • Pipeline On-Bottom Stability Analysis
  • Pipeline End Expansion Analysis
  • Pipeline Spanning Analysis
  • Riser Clamp and Hanger Flange Designs
  • Riser In-place Stress Analysis
  • Riser Span Analysis
  • Environmental Data & Loading
  • Pipeline and Riser Installation Study and Analysis Report
  • Pipeline and Riser Material Take-Off
  • Pipeline Start-Up Operating Pigging and Emergency Manual
  • Pipeline Crossing Design
  • Specification for Line Pipe
  • Specification for Pipeline Bends
  • Specification for Riser Hanger Flanges, Topside Flanges and Subsea Pipeline Flanges
  • Specification for Pipeline Fittings
  • Specification for Pipeline & Riser External Coating(s)
  • Specification for Concrete Weight Coating for Linepipe
  • Specification for Sacrificial Anodes
  • Specification for Field Joint Coatings