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News & Events

  • MMCOG Open Day 2018

    As an established Design Engineering Consultant for the last 34 years, we provide total engineering solution for the oil & gas industry. We are embarking on the more challenging and lucrative turnkey EPCC projects in Malaysia...
    2018-11-29 16:35
  • MOGSEC 2018

    MOGSEC 2018 is expected to welcome 7,000 quality trade and professional visitors from the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry who are looking to source for the latest products, services and technology from the market and to connect with new suppliers, business partners and customers...
    2018-10-05 17:10
  • Kopi O' Session with Acting CEO

    MMCOG held a session promoting communication between employees and top management on the 7th September 2018. This is in part of MMCOG's movement to a solution providing mindset catering to demands seeking good team working and growth...
    2018-09-21 16:55
  • CEO Info Session & Raya 2018

    For 2018, in conjunction with celebrating Aidil Fitri, MMCOG aims to stabilize our presence, reinforcing present values while venturing into new opportunities with interested partners both locally and internationally...
    2018-08-13 18:09
  • MMCOG at MGA-MOGSC Industry Gala Dinner 2017

    This year the Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) & The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC) Industry Gala Dinner was held at the Grand Mahkota Ballroom of Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The theme was A'la P. Ramlee and Saloma...
    2017-11-14 17:26

Our services

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Process Department

  • HYSYS for process simulation
  • Pipesim with olga correlations for hydraulic study
  • Fred program for radiation and dispersion studies
  • Flarenet for flare hydraulic studies
  • Latest API codes and standards
  • Latest DEP/ PTS from shell/ petronas codes and standards
  • Latest process design instruction manual from exxon mobil (DIM 3)
  • Drawing database from past projects
  • In-house calculation spreadsheets
  • API line sizing for single phase and multiphase flow
  • Pump sizing and NPSHA calculations
  • Separator and scrubber sizing
  • Pressure relief valve sizing
  • Restriction orifice sizing
  • Blowdown calculations using grote’s method
  • Settle-out calculations
Major Project Achievements
  • B11
    Client: SHELL
    Conceptual and detailed design of facilities handling 600 mmscfd gas, 20 kbd condensate and 10 kbd produced water
  • Guntong E
    Client: EMEPMI
    Detailed design of facilities handling 540 mmscfd gas, 20 kbd crude and condensate and 15 kbd produced water
  • Helang
    Client: Nippon Oil
    Conceptual and detailed design of new facilites handling 300 mmscfd gas, 20 kbd condensate and 1 kbd produced water
  • Kinarut
    Client: pcsb
    Detailed design of new facilites and modification to existing facilities for increased in gas handling of 150 mmscfd
  • Misc FPSO
    Client: pcsb
    Conceptual and detailed engineering management for FPSO handling 60 mmscfd gas, 30 kbd oil and 20 kbd produced water
  • Irong Barat A Expansion
    Sabah Zero Flaring (study to eliminate long term gas flaring in all Sabah shell facilities) Numerous drilling platforms