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Design and Engineering Services for Sepat & Melor Modification

As the contractor, MMCOG performed all design and engineering works for Provision of Design and Engineering Services for Sepat & Melor Modification which include preparation of all engineering document, drawing, and specification, conduct reviews, assessment, quality checks, and completion of project deliverables as per SOW and CTR.

Figure 1. Existing Facilities at Sepat Field


Figure 2. Full NDT conducted at process gas flowlines in Melor indicated that almost 50% of weldment downstream of choke valve up to Melor launcher shows signs of PWC.

The scope of work covers the following but not limited to:

a) Package A: COTP replacement. Vendor data incorporation for two (2) units of COTP (Sepat)
        i. Review & verified COTP vendor data
        ii. Vendor data incorporation for all affected discipline.
        iii. Update or produce new affected document, drawing and datasheet (e.g. piping iso, layout,               valve/instrumentation datasheet)
        iv. Produce HUC scope of work and package

b) Package B: Liquid carry Over (Sepat)

  • Perform Simulation on all affected equipments (High Pressure Separator(HPS)/Fuel Gas Knock Out Drum/High Pressure Flare Knock Out Drum and all subsequent processing lines) using Computerized Flow Dynamics (CFD)and propose the new internal components to verified the expected efficiency in which will maximize separation and minimize carryover (liquid in gas, oil in water etc.)
  • Perform radiation dispersions study
  • Produce specification/datasheet for new internals
  • Produce HUC scope of work and package

c) Package C: Orifice Plate (OP) Sizing (Sepat)

  • Data gathering & calculate the suitable orifice plate bore diameter based on the new flow rate for current production
  • Produce new datasheet and specification for new orifice plate flow transmitter or propose other type of flow transmitter (e.g clamp-on ultrasonic, coriolis etc) should the orifice plate type were found not suitable for current process medium
  • Produce HUC scope of work and package

d) Package D: Process gas piping rectification (Melor)

  • Review and update platform CDBM (OPTIONAL)** and CMP based on latest platform sampling analysis report
  • Update all affected document, drawing and datasheet based on updated CDBM (P&IDs, piping specification, piping iso, compact manifold specification piping/instrument datasheet
  • Produce HUC scope of work and package


:Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
Project Location:Malaysia
Project Duration:5 Months (Completed on May 2015)
Project No.:PCSB-A-2394U