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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 11:06

FEED for South Acis-PA Additional Well Slots

SA-PA Platform layout

For the Murphy Sarawak Oil project, MMCOG carried out FEED for existing SA-PA platform. Works include:
- Cost effective structural design for additional three new conductors.
- New topside deck extension, bridge linked to existing SAPA Wellhead Platform.
- Three new 36-inch conductors with cost effective substructure concept.

Engineering studies for SA-PA Ullage Analysis. Production plan findings include:
- Oil, Gas, Produced Water and Injection Rates within SAPA handling capacity, no upgrades anticipated
- SAPA designed to handle 18,000 bopd of crude production, 10,000 bwpd of produced water & 12.7 MMscfd gas
- Spikes in produced water and gas rate will be handled selectively by choking down well with high water cut/GOR to ensure production within limit.
- PRPA produced water is knocked out at PRPA before export to SAPA.


:Murphy Sarawak Oil
Project Location:Malaysia
Project Duration:11 months (completed Sep 2017)
Project No.:MSO-A-2683