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Last Updated: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 16:44

Scam Notice: Job Recruitment Fraud

MMCOG has been made aware of unauthorised individuals or organisations falsely using the MMCOG name in emails in an attempt to recruit on behalf of MMCOG and solicit up-front fees obtaining immigration documents including for visa or work permit for expatriate posting within third party job search domains from interested job-seekers or members of the public.

MMCOG wishes to stress that it has not authorised such e-mail based recruitment, as MMCOG does not send out emails or messages for job offers.  MMCOG appeals to the public not to respond to the e-mail or any such emails.

There are a few quick ways to recognise fraud:

1. On-line recruitment portal is at, which, only pertains within this site. Note that we only use conventional method of recruitment.

2. Email communication from MMCOG, if any, would be sent by MMCOG’ officials using only e-mail domain of Please take note that MMC Oil & Gas Engineering has never endorsed or used such email-based recruitment.

Disclaimer: If you receive such email, we confirm that it is a scam mail and advise you to ignore the mail. If you are to disclose your information to them, it is at your personal risk. We are not affiliated and responsbile for any of the offers and/or losses.

3. No money transfers or payments of any kind will EVER be requested from applicants nor by MMCOG or any of the agencies that recruit on our behalf, at any point in the recruitment process; or for immigration documents, insurance, or any other purpose.

Should you experience any of the foregoing, please treat the communication as fraudulent and forward it to: (representative email) or alternatively, through a personal message at our facebook page.